MSC Ideology

MSC (Mavrodian Social Community) is a social community that was found based on the philosophy proposed by Sergey Mavrodi. This is a community of mutual help that was made among people to get the welfare for everyone. Welfare is the right for all people, therefore with the principle of mutual help, this community will stand up for the sake of common welfare

MSC is a new concept in the financial world in our lives that is invaded by a system of CAPITALISM which benefits only a few people (rich people and people in opportunist environments), while ordinary people will continue to be excluded and exploited by those people as their system slaves. The MSC community wants to change the situation in today’s world where the money is spread in an unfair way in society. The MSC community attempts to enable all people to prosper in a financial system that does not depend on the modern banking system. Therefore MSC is born into the world as a financial community system, where its members can work shoulder to shoulder and help other members who joined the community.

MSC is not a bank, MSC does not collect your money, MSC is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MSC is a community where people help each other. The MSC provides a basic technical program, which helps millions of participants around the world find those who need help and those who are ready to provide help for FREE. All funds transferred to other participants are the help you give out because of your own good intentions for each other, really with sincerity.

The process of helping each other among members is a key principle in this community. On the basis of the mutual cooperation system, MSC will be found and continue to serve its members. In this community, money is not everything but the principle of mutual help and the feature of mutual cooperation is the main goal of this community so that all members can achieve maximum living standards and escape economic slavery

If you are absolutely sure in your actions and make up your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all the first warnings and instructions. In case of any problems, online consultants are ready to help you and answer all your questions.